Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #30 Found a Cult

Found a Cult

found a cult

What it Entails:

Find a group of easily-manipulable people. Create bonds between them. Make them need you.

In order to succeed at this you must discard such flimsy concepts as “Morals” or “Right and Wrong.” Embrace the egomania. Thrive on it. Convince your followers of the rightness of your purpose.

Get a little weird. Create rules that make no sense. Do this for your own amusement. “Yes, everyone must wear woad and only woad on Tuesdays. Why? Don’t question me! Where is your woad? Where is your woad?!?”

1. Free labour.
2. Unquestioning obedience.
3. Escape from the boundaries of normal society.

1. Might go to jail.
2. Human contact.
3. Risk of a coup.

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