Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #36 Build an Environmentally Friendly Tiny Home


What it Entails:

Decide that the planet is more important than your comfort. This is admirable.

Take the baffling next step of acting on this decision. Sell your home. Research. Endless hours of research. So many decisions choices that you weren’t even aware of. Should you build it yourself? Should you build it on wheels? Should you use pre-made plans or go the custom route? Should you buy a used trailer?

It’s about now that you realize that selling your home was a mistake.

1. If it’s on wheels, you can take your home anywhere.
2. Lack of property tax.
3. So, so, so much less space to clean.

1. Dawning realization that the planet isn’t more important than your comfort.
2. Lack of privacy. Your home is now so small that you can’t even escape yourself.
3. So much body odor, so little space.

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