Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #37 Learn to Pick Locks


What it Entails:

Pressure under fire. Sure you could take a course, or practice in your own home, but that’s not fun, that’s not impressive. You need to go big. You need to be bold.

Go to seedy dive bars. Meet seedy people. Join their crew. After multiple nights of ill-advised boasting, find yourself with a set of lock picks in your hands, a door in front of you and a cadre of eager criminals crouched behind you ready to rampage through a building. Security guards optional.

1. Potential to enrich oneself.
2. Get to outrun a security guard.
3. You’ll make new friends.

1. They aren’t good friends.
2. Once you’ve picked the lock your “Friends” may well view you as expendable.
3. Potential gateway to a life of crime.

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