Carnivore Diet – 8 Days In

I’ve decided to embark on the carnivore diet for one year. I’m still feeling this process out. There’s a lack of clear information on how other people execute the carnivore diet. At its simplest, the diet is literally meat, fat and water.

I’m not going to do that.

I like condiments and spices. At the very least salt and pepper are a must. I see hot sauces in my future, and I’m not giving up egg yolks, if only for the hollandaise.

Still, that’s all besides the point. 8 days in, and I’m not feeling hemmed in, tired or frustrated. This lifestyle is satiating, satisfying and easy. I’ve already cut out dinner, not as a conscious choice, but because I’m full from breakfast and lunch. It’s only 8 days in, less than 2% of a year, but for now, I feel like I can do this.