Carnivore – Day 38

I’m going to go against public opinion here. Liver is gross. Really, really gross.

I had this weird craving for chicken hearts… but I couldn’t source chicken hearts, so I got chicken livers intent on making pate. I managed to get excited about it. I made it with my sous vide immersion circulator, giving me a delicious looking creamy and pink pate with a soft and silky texture. All according to plan. Well, except for the part where it was the least appetising thing I’d eaten since I started carnivore.

Maybe I’ll revisit liver pate in a few months, but in the meantime, fried hamburgers with butter are absolutely delicious.

Carnivore – Day 37

I wonder whether I’m eating enough. The nice thing about carnivore is that I like all of the food that I’m eating, but it’s also not the sort of food that runs around in the back of your mind, pulls you off of the couch and takes you to the fridge. It’s not a pint of ice cream, it’s not the latest batch of cookies. I don’t impulse BBQ a steak. In fact given my druthers I like to salt my steak hours ahead of time. My only “Impulse” food is bacon.

None of this is a problem, but my appetite and need to pay attention to it is reduced. I simply don’t get as hungry as before, and if I’m just a little hungry and I don’t have anything planned, I just don’t bother with the inconvenience of eating. Yes, I could slice up some cheese, but I’ve decided to keep dairy out of my diet for at least another few months. No, that does not include butter.

All of that is to say that I wonder if I should be making a point to take in more calories than I am. No way to be sure, so I’ll keep going, but it’s just something on my mind at this point in the process.

Carnivore – Day 36

I’m running out of flatiron steaks. It’s not the typical meat of choice on carnivore, but I’ve been supplementing it with Kerrygold butter. About 1 lb of flatirons a day for lunch… between my family & myself we’ve gone through 30+ lbs of flatiron, and now my poor freezer is running dry. Ah well, onto the beef ribs tomorrow.

Carnivore – Day 35

The end of my 5th week. My resolve isn’t flagging. I’ve read that with enough time on carnivore you start to crave nothing but meat and fat. I still have an appreciation for the sight of other foods, but that’s about it. I saw some chocolate, and thought to myself “That looks good,” but it began and ended there. Tomorrow I predict bacon for breakfast, and steak for lunch.

Carnivore – Day 34

So far, my second month of carnivore has been no more difficult than my first. I think it’s because of the indulgences. Breakfast was a few strips of bacon, and lunch was roasted and then fried pork belly, dabbed with buffalo sauce. Approximately 9 hours later I still feel full.

I suppose that’s the way a lifestyle should feel, satisfying. Temptations abound, for dinner I made my wife and kids a pasta dish. Pan fried chicken thighs accompanied by softened onions and garlic, that were then deglazed with chicken stock, and all baked for half an hour, with the remaining liquid used to cook pasta which was then topped with cheese… it smelled heavenly, and I had absolutely no inclination to eat it whatsoever. I’m sure that carnivore isn’t right for everyone, but for the time being, I’m confident that carnivore is right for me.

Carnivore- Day 33

Another night of rough sleep, but again, it wasn’t carnivore. This time it was the kids. Rambunctious little monsters, the lot of them.

What I’ve noticed is that, generally speaking, after a few days of poor sleep, I usually have minimal willpower or drive, but here it is, 9:13 pm, and I’m taking a break from creative writing and website maintenance to blog. Also, I still haven’t felt the desire to eat restricted foods, or even foods that are technically allowed, but that I’m avoiding for a while. Like the absurd quantities of cream cheese that my one year old and five year old demanded at dinner. The boys went through more than 8 oz in one sitting. So often it’s a struggle to get my eldest to eat anything, and tonight he was a dairy piranha.

Carnivore – Day 32

Sleep last night was abysmal… but I’m pretty sure it was just a rough night’s sleep. It felt qualitatively different than “Adjusting to carnivore sleep.” Regardless, I tossed, I turned, I couldn’t get comfortable.

Despite all of this, within a minute of being “Up” for the day, I felt fine and have felt fine all day. This reinforces my suspicion that carnivore is reducing my overall need for sleep.

Carnivore – 1 Month!

A month! Not as hard as I’d imagined. It’s true, this is a limiting lifestyle, but I do enjoy everything that I eat. A lot.

Over the past month, I’ve struggled with sleep, and digestion, but I think both of these issues are more or less resolved.

I’ve lost 16 lbs, 16! That’s an absurd amount of weight. I don’t expect it to continue at this pace, but certainly it helps my motivation.

My sleep apnea appears to be unaffected, but my sunlight induced migraines are improved, so I’ll call that a win.

All in all, I’m looking forward to my second month.

SW: 229.4 lbs

CW: 213.4 lbs

Carnivore – Day 30

I was running next to my 5 year old’s electric jeep today, and realised that my metabolism is adapting to consume fat better than I’d realised. I kept having to do mini-sprints and while it was hot, and I was sweating, I wasn’t tiring in the least as the sun beat down on me.

I understand why the carnivore community recommends trying the lifestyle for more than 30 days. Your adaptation is only just beginning by the time most people put an end to the experiment.