Carnivore – Day 69

Today I was surprised by a piece of cheese. What happened was my wife was sharing a roasted red pepper and chicken pizza with the kids. Our toddler shoved a piece of cheese into my mouth from his pizza… and it was disgusting. Specifically it was disgusting because I could taste the roasted red pepper on it. This is odd, because I love roasted red pepper. It’s something I like in salads, on burgers, on pizza, in wraps, on bread… you get the idea. I’m a big fan. Just shy of ten weeks on Carnivore, and apparently my taste buds are sending a whole different signal. I couldn’t even gag the cheese down, I discreetly spat it out when the kids weren’t watching (no need to teach them to copy that activity), and continued on with my evening. For anyone reading this and wondering, yes, I did check with my wife, and she said it tasted fine. It’s not definitive, but I think the Carnivore Diet is changing my palate.

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