About Alexander

Lex with Turkey

Alexander McKinney first discovered his love of Fantasy with Dragons of Autumn Twilight. From there he proceeded to devour every novel of Dragonlance mythology that he could find. His lifelong obsession with the genre can undoubtedly be laid at the feet of Margaret Weis & Tracey Hickman.

Branching out from medieval worlds took time, but eventually a dearth of locally available titles required the radical move to the genre of Science Fiction. There, lying in wait was a host of glittering treasures: Herbert, Asimov, Clarke, Banks. Authors who only sunk the hook deeper.

Alexander lives in the Bahamas with his wife and three children and proves that insanity goes hand in hand with a passion for writing as the pursuit of new stories frequently interferes with the pursuit of enjoying beaches and sunshine, a choice that he is certain most people would not make.