Carnivore – Day 47

I blinked at the scale this morning, I’m down 4 lbs in the last 5 days. I haven’t done much differently, I think I’ve scaled back my protein a little and upped my fat, but I’m not sure. I might have to start keeping a food journal just to keep track of my macros. Sounds a bit like effort, but I suppose if I’m doing this for a year I should give it some thought.

Carnivore – Day 45

Sleep! Glorious Sleep! Is it because of carnivore? No, it was the neuro-muscular massage, but wow oh wow do I feel better. My neck had become so tense that I didn’t realise it was tense. Realistically this was due to stress rather than anything else, but it meant that I settled down into the best sleep I’ve had in months.

Sleep aside, I got attacked by a wasp nest yesterday. They focused on my left shin. What was weird, apart from the precision strike was that I didn’t swell up. I’m usually sensitive like that, but nope, initial discomfort (and personal grumpiness), a little anti-histin and I was good to go. Now I’ve never used anti-histin on a wasp sting before, so it might have been that, but it might have been a dietary change. Not that I’m going to be testing this anytime soon, but if I have the misfortune to get swarmed by wasps again and they hit me in a variety of locations I might, -no, I’ll still treat all of them. Scientific curiosity only goes so far.

Carnivore – Day 44

My meals are entering into a natural fasting window. I find myself eating at around 7:30/8 am and then again at 11/12. Sometimes as late as 1 pm, but as a rule of thumb, all of my eating is taking place within a 6 hour window at the most. It’s not something I aimed for, but I’m fascinated by how it’s happening without my trying to make it happen. I think I’ve had dinner two or three times since I began carnivore, which is not odd exactly, but interesting.

Carnivore – Day 42 – Week 6

The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life!

Not so much, but I’m a huge fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Six weeks! Down two pounds this week. Not bad. Not amazing, but not bad.

My sleep is rougher than I’d like, but I’m getting enough rest, so I’ll survive. Also, hamburgers, I’m loving my hamburgers. I know I can make it to 7, 8 & 9 weeks, and I’m looking forward to recording my two month video. I’m also looking forward to getting to 73 days, because then I’ll have made it 20% of the way through a year!

Carnivore – Day 41

I’m still coming to terms with how good burgers taste right now.

My wife and I recently started watching “Crazy Delicious” on Netflix, and it’s a fun show with some great looking foods. Carnivore continues to please me in that I feel no temptation to slip and eat something that I shouldn’t.

I do want to secure more hamburgers, but continuing my trend of making things from scratch, I’m probably going to end up grinding some myself to see how much of a difference I notice.

Carnivore – Day 39

I just broke a 38 day streak of eating bacon. 38 days of bacon.

As you can infer from this, I am a huge fan of bacon. I’ve cured & smoked ~40 lbs since I started carnivore.

…but yesterday I learned that hamburgers taste incredibly good on carnivore. Bafflingly good.

So to recap, I see a lot of burgers in my future.