Carnivore – Day 59

Leg cramps. Where are these coming from? Do I need to supplement magnesium? I’ve had a few leg cramps recently, and they are unpleasant. You know, like a flipping leg cramp. Still, I know it’s a passing thing, and it’ll be in my rearview soon enough. My weight is also up, meaning that I’ve lost all of 2 lbs this past month, which is annoying, but my shirts tell a different story, and I really should pay attention to them.

Carnivore – Day 58

I can’t believe that I’m almost at the two month mark. I’d expected this WOE to be a bit of a struggle, but honestly I feel fantastic, and I’m thinking that I need to start exercising regularly to take complete advantage of what I’m doing. Also, have I mentioned that burgers and steak are delicious. Also butter, dear lord butter is tasty.

Carnivore – 8 Weeks! – Day 56

After losing 4 pounds in the previous week, I actually managed to gain 0.2 lbs this week… but my clothes are looser. This leads me to suspect that while the scale didn’t move, my body composition changed for the better. Like most people, I’m happy to see lower numbers on the scale, but at the end of the day, if I’m getting trimmer and gaining healthy weight, that’s probably better.

Carnivore – Day 53

It looks like I do have a minor sensitivity to turkey. I’ll have to test that again in the future, but I’m feeling more than a little surprised. Turkey was never exactly a big part of my diet, so I’m not mourning any great loss here, still, I just never knew that I had a sensitivity at all. Before this I had mild reactions to blue cheese, it would make my mouth sting, I’m expecting that it still does, but I’ll have to try that out too in a few months.

Carnivore – Day 52

I’ll know tomorrow, but I’m starting to wonder if I have an intolerance to turkey. It’s either that, or a little bit too much hot sauce in my hollandaise. Really, it could go either way. That aside I’m also amused by the way that I record my weekly videos on a Saturday, and my weight usually seems to spike on Sunday, before coming down for the rest of the week. It’s an odd biological tic.