Keystones: Altered Destinies

A Chronicle of the Rise of Superhumans in the Year 2159 A.D.

Deklan’s life is irrevocably changed by an event known as “The Sweep.” Billions of mammals in the solar system are simultaneously imbued with super powers, becoming once-rare “Keystones.”

Keystone traits range from the near-unnoticeable to god-like.

In a matter of days the situation on Earth deteriorates and people are swept up in an all-encompassing need to flee the planet.

One of the first to realize the danger posed in the new world Deklan abandons his old life in the pursuit of one simple goal, survival.

keystone species (kē′stōn)

A species whose presence and role within an ecosystem has a disproportionate effect on other organisms within the system. A keystone species is often a dominant predator whose removal allows a prey population to explode and often decreases overall diversity. Other kinds of keystone species are those, such as coral or beavers, that significantly alter the habitat around them and thus affect large numbers of other organisms.

keystone (kē′stōn)
1. Architecture The central wedge-shaped stone of an arch that locks its parts together. Also called headstone.
2. The central supporting element of a whole.
3. Modern A super-powered individual.

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