Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #7 Climb A Mountain

Climb A Mountain

mountain climbing

What it Entails:

Step 1: The hubris to assume that a non-sentient conglomeration of rock, dirt, snow and trees cares what you do.
Step 2: A willingness to be cold and live in uncomfortable conditions.
Step 3: The ability to convince others that accompanying you is a good idea.
Step 4: Choose a mountain.
Step 5: Don’t be a pansy, choose a bigger mountain. That’s right, you’re making a statement.
Step 6: Climb the mountain.

Note: Step 6 is said to be complicated, especially if you executed Step 5 with panache.

1. If you’re doing this in style the Sherpa will carry your things.
2. You’re on top of the world. Good job. Now climb back down.
3. Consistently terrible cell phone reception.

1. Must either carry your own things, or associate with a Sherpa.
2. Trolls are mythical, none will appear to eat any companions who end up being annoying.
3. Utter lack of foie gras on both ascent and descent.

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