Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #11 Plan a Bank Heist

Plan a Bank Heist

Bank Vault

What it Entails:

What it Entails:
Go to a cocktail bar and meet a group of bankers. Determine the one you like least. Target their bank.

Ask innocuous questions about their work to simulate interest and friendship:
“What sort of things do you keep in the vault?”
“What’s the combination?”
“What’s security like?”
“Do you have a living will?”

Friendly, friendly, questions, sure to ensure that they remember and like you.

1. Cash, glorious Scrooge McDuck stacks of cash.
2. Adrenaline – In large enough quantities it’s as good as any drug.
3. Bragging rights – Find a country without an extradition agreement and tell the story again and again.

1. You have to speak to bankers.
2. You need a team – bank heists of one just don’t work, you need minions to carry the loot.
3. Non-extradition countries are frequently home to tropical diseases and exciting insects.

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