Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #18 Walk on Glass

Walk on Glass

walk on glass

What it Entails:

Walking a relatively short distance over a large drop. No big deal, we do that all the time in buildings, or while traipsing down the aisle of an aircraft… but wait, there’s more. You take this stroll upon a transparent substance known for its fragility, with it being the only thing between you and the long drop down.

For the pedantic among you, no, it does not technically need to be a long drop down, but if it’s not, why are we talking about this? People like you suck the joy out of everything.

Back to talking to the people who I like. You are descended from a long line of monkeys who at one point or another decided that coming down from the trees and walking upright was a good idea. Was it? I don’t know, but they were stubborn, and they made it work.

Why did they make it work? Because they didn’t like having lots of empty space between them and the ground, even if that empty space meant that there was extra empty space between them and whatever could eat them, like wolves, or lions. I wasn’t there, but they had to have had compelling reasons to make that choice, but hey, you go ahead and take that walk to prove how cool you are.

1. You just faced a fear, either you’re a little stronger, or you need therapy.
2. People will tell you that they could “Never do that.” You have my permission to feel smugly superior. Sigh. No, no that much. Forget I said anything, you’re a jerk.
3. You weren’t doing anything else, it used up a few of your heartbeats.

1. There is always some idiot who decides to jump up and down on the glass.
2. Even monkeys who still climb trees think that you’re an idiot. And they’re right.
3. Have I mentioned that glass is fragile?

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