Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #26 Take Up Stunt Driving

Take Up Stunt Driving

Mini Cooper

What it Entails:

Well, that depends, is this a hobby or a career? Nevermind, it’s not a career. Why not? You’re just not going to be that good.

I can feel your doubt. Easy there, you probably have trouble parallel parking.

You’re still going to make a run at this aren’t you? Fine. What you want is to learn how to move a car at high speed in any direction (yes, including sideways, it’s called “Drifting”), and avoid walls, other cars and any hard surfaces. Expect your insurance premiums to go up.

This hobby will eat most of your disposable income, your savings, and probably put you into debt as you shell out your cash in exchange for replacement car parts.

1. You might make it big and be the stunt driver in a movie, or a TV commercial. Just like what’s his name, or, no. Sorry, making it big won’t make you famous.
2. Reduced risk of experiencing the horrors and indignities of old age.
3. Undeniably cool when you pull off a trick.

1. Undeniably expensive when you screw up a trick.
2. Despite your newfound financial ruin, people will be interested in this hobby when you bring it up at social gatherings, well, they will if you’re doing it in an impressive car… Which you probably aren’t.
3. You’re helping to fund big oil. You just hate the planet don’t you?

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