Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #32 Adopt an Animal

adopt an animal - 3

What it Entails:

Giving an organization money so that they can provide a better habitat or living environment for an animal, or some variation of a pack of animals. In exchange for your contribution to society you get some nice photos. Look! It’s Wendy, that tiger you’re saving. Bad news folks, lots of people are saving Wendy. She isn’t real.

It’s a sad truth; there are no tigers named Wendy. You’re not helping any animals. It’s all a scam. Give up now. There is in fact no way to help the planet. We’re all doomed.

1. Keep hiding behind that warm fuzzy feeling that “Everything is going to be okay.”
2. Heartwarming photos.
3. Tax breaks.

1. Failing to make a difference.
2. You’re lining the pockets of grifters.
3. Wendy hates you.

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